Chief (Nze) Emmanuel Onyechere Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe

Chief (Nze) Emmanuel Onyechere Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe (Ojukwu Naru Ogwu II) was born in 1921 to Nze Anyiam-Osigwe (The Ojukwu Naru Ogwu I) of Nkwerre at Azummini Rivers State.

His Mother was Lolo Nwaorie Anyiam-Osigwe. Nze Anyiam-Osigwe was among the prominent sons of Nze Osigwe the son of Duru Nnuihe (Lord of a thousand things) of Ukwuinyi Umuoforolo, Nkwerre LGA of present Imo State, Nigeria.

Nze Anyiam-Osigwe, was a very versatile man and his affluence and its sources reflected this versatility. He was an established traveling merchant. He traded on various items ranging from palm produce, fabrics (Georges), potash, guns, and gunpowder, alcoholic beverages (wines and spirits) and ornamental accessories, such as coral beads, elephant tusks and jewelry. His trading activities took him to various parts of Eastern Nigeria.

Nze Anyiam married a total of 25 wives but Lolo Nworie was the fourth in order of seniority. She was of good birth but her parents were by no means rich when compared to the affluence, power and means associated with her husband's antecedents. However, Nworie was a strong willed, energetic and industrious woman who was all embracing in her perspective and conduct in the Large and complex domain of Nze Anyiam.

Lolo Nworie was to become a renowned and successful trader, nick named "Aka Na Eme Ego " (the hand that generates money). Like the men folk did to her husband, other women looked up to her for Leadership. Onyechere lost his mother when he was three years old and his father died when he was nine. His older brother, Barrister Uriah U. Anyiam-Osigwe, put him through school.

He attended elementary school in Okigwe and went to Government College Umuahia. He however completed his secondary education at Dennis Memorial Grammar School, Onitsha owning to the closure of Government College Umuahia at the onset of the second world war. He started his working life as a post and telegraph clerk. He resigned after two years to go into business. He discovered the highly curative elixir called Obetau, which was marketed throughout the country particularly the Northern and Eastern regions.

He was admitted to study Medicine at the South Western College Kansas State University in the USA. However, he opted to study Philosophy and dadBusiness through distance learning and private lectures. He established a correspondence school of Esoteric Studies, The West African Academy of Sciences (Truth Seekers), which was dedicated to the study of Man as a Manifestation of Divine Intelligence. He toured various parts of northern Nigeria lecturing and delivering seminars on moral conduct and spirituality. His energy and entrepreneurial skills enabled him engage in various endeavors, his interests spanning a broad spectrum of Commerce and Industry such as trading, farming, shipping, mining, petroleum, fiduciary institutions and information Technology.

He is acknowledged as being instrumental to the increase in revenue accruing to Nigeria from the sale of High Pour Fuel Oil between 1973 and 1979. He also contributed to bringing about the participation of Nigerians in the

nncPetroleum Sector as Independent Marketers. His concern for the disadvantage in the society at large and the realization that some problems are best solved by government, led him to embrace partisan politics. He was one of the founding fathers of the Nigeria National Congress (NNC), one of the 13 political associations that were denied registration under the Babangida Transition programme.

awardsHe ultimately joined the SDP where his brand of "Clean politics" earned him the description "Missionary politician". He contested for the Governorship of Imo State in 1992. This exercise sharpened his understanding of the National problems. Though his Gubernatorial bid was unsuccessful, he sought to build positively on that experience. Thus he continued to speak out for the deprived, the underprivileged and on the importance of rural development.

To this end, he founded the Mission for Democracy in Africa with the objective of "evangelizing true and enduring Democracy among the masses of Nigeria and Africa as a whole" through what he termed "The KUAIPTED Approach". This is an approach to Democratization that seeks to imbibe knowledge, Understanding, Appreciation, of the Implications and practice of true and Enduring Democracy, On the citizens of the country being Democratized.

Apart from his various business interest, he gave practical expression to his concept of A Holistic Approach To Human Existence and Development and his Three Constituents of Existence Hypothesis by facilitating various pro-people and pro-community economic enhancement projects through the establishment and running of several charitable and community service institutions and organizations. He established the Nkwerre Area Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture as the first of such initiatives in the rural sector of the Nigerian society. Also, he commenced the Rural Enterprises Promotion Scheme, a project through which he made finance grants for small scale business initiatives accessible to the peasantry through a network of cooperative societies and banks.

Further to his pro-community and pro-people development objectives, he founded the Home Trust Community Bank in Nkwerre his primordial community, and also the Consolidated Estates, Building Society and the Imo Cooperative Thrift, Loans, and Investment Union. A state wide peasant-based and rural-communities driven economic enhancement initiative. Through these various initiatives, he helped small-scale traders, business men/women and artisans have access to funds to develop their businesses.

Chief Anyiam-Osigwe married Dorothy Chiyere (Nee Dozie) Anyiam-Osigwe in 1952 and they are blessed with seven sons and a Daughter. Chief Anyiam-Osigwe transcended to higher Glory on October 16th 1998.

His imprints in this dimension remain remarkable and continue to be more deeply engraved in the projects and Schemes of the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation.

 In the last 16 years, Anyiam-Osigwe's thoughts and ideas have been subjected to wide and rigorous intellectual appraisal by scholars of various academic institutions across countries and continents. His concept  of "A Holistic Approach to  Human Existence and Development" and its related complex of thought processes and ideas have earned him recognition as an Original Thinker. (Please see Historical Perspective on this website)