Axiom Africa

Axiom West Africa is a company jointly owned by South African and Western Africa Business Partners.

To form alliances with business partners who subscribe to the same goals and ethical conduct. To search for products and techniques that will increase food production. We don’t subscribe to the principle of more and more hectares to “fall under the plow” to meet the demands of growing populations.

We support the aims of sustainable agriculture which uses environmentally compatible practices and systems which maintain and enhance the following:

  • Sufficient and affordable supply of high quality food.
  • The economic viability of agriculture.
  • The natural resource base of agriculture and its environment
  • The ability of people and communities to provide for their social well being

Our Convictions

We believe in a modernised view towards food production in Africa by supplying suitable user friendly products and management tools. To procure turnkey solutions - from manufacturing to administration to marketing and distribution via business partners for agriculture in West Africa.


  • Patented biological products (Axiom Bio Products)
  • Alliance with reputable seed company (Pannar)
  • Fertilisers - Prescription mix plant
  • Nutrition (Greenlands fertiliser)
  • Consulting, planning and irrigation (Catwalk International)
  • Specialised extension services