ITIS Securities Ltd

ITIS Securities Limited as an Issuing House offers a variety of investment banking services tailored to Nigerians and Africans in the Diaspora.

We develop products that Nigerians and Africans in the Diaspora especially the Small and Medium scaled Establishments (SME) find attractive.

However, each Client is different and we develop to suite the Client.

ITIS Securities Limited offers:

  • Due Diligence Services
  • Advice to Joint Venture Partners within Nigeria or between Nigeria and Foreign Partners
  • Render advice or participate in Public/ Private Partnership arrangements
  • Assist Clients navigate the challenges associated with the buying and selling of Quoted Stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • Purchase and sell Financial Instruments on our own behalf
  • Publish our Quarterly Journal (Treasure Chest) aimed at adding authentic Research finding that contribute to the knowledge on Business and Finance Purchase and sell equities and other financial instruments on our own behalf.
  • Source for Funds for Small and Medium Size
  • Establishments either by way of Listing on the NSE or by Private Equity Placement
  • Publishes Research findings and contribute to social financial or national matters through our Newsletters
  • Publishes “Treasure Chest” (our fully-loaded quarterly financial magazine) on our Website for a fee
  • And other Financial Transactions within the scope of our license
  • Conduct Long Distance Learning Programs on Stockbroking in Nigeria or other Emerging Markets for aspiring Stockbrokers
  • Deal in Treasury Bills, Federal & State Government Bonds, Asset backed Corporate Bonds etc
  • Gives lessons on entrepreneurship by affiliating with the Pan African University

The Directors of ITIS Securities limited therefore resolved that while continuing in the generic services offered by the company it was important to promote the company’s services in the following areas:

  • Private Equity placements aimed at raising funds for small and medium scale enterprises
  • To assist in their growth and participate in the obvious profits expected
  • Locate and develop correspondence arrangement with reputable investment firms in foreign countries
  • We located a few companies in the USA, UK, Sweden, etc
  • These companies were already familiar with the high returns on private or foreign portfolio investments in Nigeria
  • ITIS Securities developed relationships with Nigerians in the Diaspora and foreign portfolio investors outside Nigeria.

In 1998, there was a global economic downturn. The resultant worldwide recession engendered the 1st Summit of the Heads of State of the 20 Leading World Economies of the world.

At this Summit these Heads of Government agreed to harmonise their economic policies to avoid any reoccurance of the recession since the great recession of 1929. It was also agreed that there would henceforth be real and verifiable assets backing for cash transactions.

These agreements moved power to the government in the regulation of their capital or socialist governments. An urgent call was made to encourage the liberalisation of credit to boost the domestic economies. There was also an agreement reached to assist lesser developed countries to ensure they do not return to protectionist policies.

The agreement was to enable them establish small and medium scale business (SMEs), assisting them in capacity building and the production of goods and services. This was a tacit agreement that the very big businesses have failed. It was also a recognition that the needed growth for World Economic Recovery was to come from these SMEs. Essentially a new world economic order was formed.


To be acknowledged as a dependable prominient Nigerian Financial Institution serving the Global Investment Community. Obtaining for their Clients especially Nigerians, SME’s and African’s in the Diaspora the maximum possible return on their investments.


Through product innovation, integrity and transperent service delivery we attract Nigerians and Africans in the Diaspora; small and medium size business (SMEs) and with a better understanding assist them build sustainable growth of their investment and wealth.


We are committed to integrity, disciple, transperancy, perseverance and honourably earned profits. We respect the inherent dignity in every human person irrespective of class colour creed or status. We believe there should be peace and harmony in the work place to enhance the growth of both the business and staff.