Anyiam-Osigwe & Co.

The firm Anyiam-Osigwe & Company has its head office situate at 9A Raymond Njoku Street, South West Ikoyi, Lagos. The firm equally has offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Owerri areas of Nigeria.

The firm's location, affords it easy access to the respective law courts and the business environment in these areas, such that it is readily accessible to most of its foreign, corporate and other clients being located in the commercial nerve centers of the respective states of the country. 

Its specialized team of Lawyers and professionals provide legal as well as commercial services, including; but not Limited to Litigation, Local and International Finance, Banking, Telecommunications, Merger and Acquisitions, Establishment of business in Nigeria by Foreign Investors, Oil Industry and Natural Resources, Joint Ventures, Commercial Transactions of complex natures, Investment Generally, Trade Negotiations, Restructuring of Debt Obligations, Structuring of Financial Transactions, Shipping and Admiralty, Insurance, Aviation, Tax, Real Estate Transactions, Government Contracts and Intellectual Property.

Its highly specialized professionals comprising of several lawyers and its able staff, inclusive of Paralegals, allows the firm to provide efficient and effective response to the needs of our numerous clients both locally and internationally.

In today's emerging markets and competitive world, characterized by the ever constant enactment of new laws and regulations, our lawyers have become specialists in the different areas of its practice.

This enables Anyiam-Osigwe & Co. constantly working under the theme of ethics and confidentiality to provide advice and counsel in the most expeditious and cost effective manner; and at all times, guaranteeing our numerous clients an unsurpassed level of excellence and expertise.