Petroleos De Geneve SA Ltd

Petroleos De Geneve SA Ltd (PDG)

Petroleos De Geneve S A Ltd (PDG) is a Limited Liability Company, duly incorporated under the Companies Act in Nigeria to carry on a matrix of businesses in the oil and gas sector including prospecting, producing, marketing and supplies of all kinds of petroleum products. The company is also active in the shipping and general logistics business, operating in the downstream and upstream sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria as well as other countries in Africa. 

PDG had a J.V with Glencore Energy U.K Ltd with respect to trading of crude oil cargoes which was successfully done. The J.V has since lapsed but if the need presents , can be reactivated by the parties on similar terms or as otherwise mutually agreed. 

The company is managed by seasoned professionals with several years of experience in the shipping and oil and gas sectors with a vast knowledge of the Nigerian oil and gas Industry.


To be a leading Integrated Oil & Gas Company benchmarked on world-class standards and best practices.


To build a first class Oil and Gas, Shipping and Petroleum Company leveraging on strategic partnerships and technology, benchmarked on Global standards and able to compete with the best in the world.


At Petroleos De Geneve SA Ltd, we place a high premium on cordial relations with our clients and business associates as well as host communities where we operate.  Therefore, polices have been formulated to foster, maintain and enhance a harmonious co-existence between all parties involved in our operations within the immediate environment and beyond.